3.12 The Patronus

It’s Monday, and we’re back after a week off with an extra-long episode of Podtrificus Totalus, a Harry Potter podcast done book by book, chapter by chapter.

On this week’s episode, we cover chapter twelve of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, “The Patronus!” In this chapter, Harry begins his anti-Dementor lessons with Professor Lupin, but he hesitates when he realizes that blocking out the Dementors might block him out from ever hearing his parents’ voices again. Harry and Ron’s feud with Hermione over the Firebolt continues, and just when they’re about to make up, Ron finds a crime scene in his bedsheets with no sign of Scabbers.

We make a number of references to outside sources and popular culture, which are listed below:

Our Spell of the Week this week is — you guessed it — Expecto Patronum, Harry’s second favorite spell!

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Thanks for listening and we’ll see you again for 3.13, “Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw!” Have a magical day!

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