2.10 The Rogue Bludger

This week on Podtrificus Totalus, a Harry Potter podcast done chapter by chapter, book by book, Cassie and Joe stay on topic for their Shakira podcast by discussing Quidditch, broken arms, and the Wagga Wagga Werewolf.

Picking up from the previous chapter, Hermione cons Lockheart into signing a note that allows her to get a book out of the Restricted Section of the library. While the trio makes plans to brew the Polyjuice Potion, Harry is harassed by a bludger in his Quidditch match against Slytherin and lands in the Hospital Wing regrowing bones. There, he has an interesting visitor.

We make a number of references to outside sources, which are listed below:

Our Spell of the Week this week is an unnamed Brackium Emendo, which Lockheart uses in the Chamber of Secrets movie to fix Harry’s arm, if by fix you mean remove all the bones within.

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Thanks for listening and we’ll see you again for 2.11, “The Dueling Club!” Have a magical day!

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