1.14 Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

Cloaks and schemes and dragons, oh my! It’s time for another episode of Podtrificus Totalus, a Harry Potter podcast done chapter by chapter, book by book.

Quirrell seems to be resisting Snape’s efforts to steal the stone, at least long enough for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to be distracted by a sub-plot: Hagrid has obtained an illegal dragon egg, and Malfoy finds out about it.

We make a number of references to outside sources and popular culture, which are listed below:

Our Spell of the Week for this episode is the Disillusionment Charm, which Harry and Hermione could have used to avoid being caught wandering the castle at night.

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Thanks for listening and we’ll see you again for 1.15, “The Forbidden Forest!” Have a magical day!

Philosopher's Stone Chapter 14

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