1.01 The Boy Who Lived

Welcome to the first episode of Podtrificus Totalus, a Harry Potter read along podcast!

We begin the episode by introducing our hosts, Cassie and Joe, and discussing our intentions for the podcast — to read the Harry Potter series book by book, chapter by chapter, and share our love for the series with each other and our audience. We hope that our listeners will (at best) read along with us or at least share in the experience of this awesome series, regardless of whether you’re a new or old reader.

We then enter into our discussion of the first chapter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, “The Boy Who Lived.” Sources consulted outside of the chapter are listed below.

We encourage our listeners to send emails to [email protected] correcting us, expanding on something we mentioned, asking questions, and sharing some of your experiences with the Harry Potter series. You can also interact with us through @podtrificus on Twitter, our Facebook page, Tumblr, or by leaving a comment below!

Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you again for 1.02, “The Vanishing Glass!”

Philosopher's Stone Chapter 1

2 responses to “1.01 The Boy Who Lived”

  1. Just finished this episode and I enjoy what I’ve heard so far. It’s a good mix of knowledgable discussions but not too formal/scripted. Looking forward to hearing more!

    • Thank you, Randy — glad you enjoyed the episode! We’re currently through CoS and working on a backlog of PoA episodes before we start releasing. Stay tuned!

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